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Peter Pauper Press

Never a Dull Moment Journal

Never a Dull Moment Journal

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''Are we taking the stairs or the alligator?'' ''Fog is clouds that have fallen down.'' ''You make me smile all over my face.''

  • Kids are unpredictable, hilarious, imaginative, and tend to grow up way too fast. This keepsake journal is for their almost-too-brilliant moments: the parts of their lives you want to capture and remember forever (or help them remember when they're older).

  • Prompts on each page guide allow you to jot down who said or did what, and where and when it happened.

  • Reach for this book whenever your kids discover something new about the world, when they do something funny, or when they say something profound.

  • Your family motto may be ''never a dull moment,'' and this journal will help capture for posterity all the moments that shine.

  • Smooth-finish paper takes pen beautifully.

  • Paper is acid-free and of archival quality.

  • A handy inside back cover pocket holds notes, mementos, and more.

  • Sturdy hardcover binding.

  • Keepsake book measures 6-1/4'' wide x 8-1/4'' high.

  • 144 pages.


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